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Home valuation consultation, Servicing the greater bay area since 2000


Parkside Appraisal Services, Inc. provides experienced, professional appraisers for your residential home valuation needs.  We offer a variety of products, including a “current” or “retrospective” opinion of market value, rent analysis, building structure measurements, and general consultation for a variety of circumstances.  Our service is prompt and delivered at competitive rates.


The company was established in the year 2000 and is headquartered in San Jose with a satellite office in Marin.  Owners, Greg and Christine Schnetz are long-time residents of the Bay Area.  Greg Schnetz is a California state certified appraiser and graduate of Santa Clara University with experience in the real estate industry since 1987.  Christine Schnetz is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara and a California-state licensed appraiser with industry experience since 2000.


Our Services


full Appraisal

This is the most common form of valuation service in which an interior and exterior inspection of the residence is performed.  The property structures are measured, and the specific condition/quality of the improvements are viewed first-hand by the Appraiser, thereby providing the most complete information in forming an opinion of value.


Exterior-Only Appraisal

In this service, the Appraiser views the property only from the street.  No inspection is made of the interior of the dwelling, and the structures are not measured.  Specific property features and condition are ascertained from available public records data and information provided by the client.  Benefits include a lower cost versus that of a Full Appraisal, and the fact that the occupants are not disturbed.  Furthermore, a specific inspection time is not required which results in greater flexibilty to complete the assignment in a timely manner.  It is important to keep in mind that valuation results are impacted by the quality of information offered by the client, as the Appraiser does not have the benefit of fully viewing the property.


Desktop Valuation

The property is not physically viewed by the Appraiser.  All research is completed remotely, by computer, and all data and information are ascertained from available public records, satellite imagery, and information provided by client.  This is the least expensive appraisal option, and is more limited in its scope of work.  It is commonly used in retrospective valuations, or instances in which a more complete property inspection is not possible. It is important to keep in mind that valuation results are impacted by the quality of information offered by the client, as the Appraiser does not have the benefit of physically viewing the property.


Building Sketch

There are instances in which the size of a particular structure needs to be verified, and no valuation of the property is needed.  We offer such a service for sketch measurements that follow generally accepted industry guidelines.  Full interior/exterior access of the structures is needed for the best results.  Typically, interior rooms and walls are not measured unless deemed necessary in the context of the assignment.  No permits history is researched, therefore the Appraiser is not able to verify the legality of the structures (such records can be obtained from the local planning/buliding permits department).  The sketch is provided on standard appraisal sketching software and is accompied by a brief cover letter summarizing the results (this is not a formal architectural or blue prints sketch).  This service is commonly utilized by buyers, sellers and real estate agents when a property is being marketed, however it is pertinent to other situations as well.



We can provide you with an estimate of Market Rent, based on comparable properties advertised in the area. Please be advised that data is often limited in terms of publicly published rents.  


We offer competetive pricing.  Contact us for a Quote* (discounts are offered for COD payment)

Fees may vary depending on the property location; size of the structures; and general complexity of the assignment. Payment for all services is preferred at time of inspection.  Credit Cards are accepted.

*Our services pertain to Single Family Residential, Planned Unit Development, Townhouse, Condominium, and 2-4 Small Income dwellings only (sorry, we do not provide services for commercial properties, or personal property).


Parkside Appraisal Services, Inc is an S-Corporation, and is not affiliated with any other appraisal business entities.





Common Questons


Why do I need an appraisal?

Whether you are a homeowner, prospective buyer, estate trustee, or real estate agent, an independent 3rd party appraisal from a qualified professional is certain to provide you with valuable information.  The appraiser offers a written "opinion" as to the most probable market value of a property as of a specific date.  In the case of a sale transaction, the existence of competition may impact the final sales price, however your appraisal represents a credible starting point prior to the negotiating process.  An added benefit is that the appraiser will measure the dwelling in order to verify its size.


The Lender ordered an appraisal, so do I need to hire my own Appraiser?

It may be advisable to do so.  A lender requests an appraisal for the specific purpose of risk assessment in their mortgage financing decision.  But did you know the contents of that appraisal cannot be relied upon with legal certainty by anyone other than the lender or their specifically named intended user? ("Tindell v Murphy", California Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District, May 7th, 2018, in which the court opinion holds that an appraiser hired to provide an appraisal for the lender's use does not owe the borrower a duty of care).  There are also many instances in which a lender waives the requirement for an appraisal, or simply relies upon an online valuation tool with no physical inspection of the property involved. Think of your own appraisal as "consumer protection" in one of the largest investments you will ever make.


Is an online valuation service reliable?

Typically, no.  Many factors contribute to the value of a home.  An online service cannot see the condition, location, quality, or even general curb appeal of a property.


When should I consult an Appraiser?

  • Home sale or mortgage
  • Date of Death valuation
  • Estate or gift tax reporting required by IRS
  • Property tax dispute
  • Marriage dissolution
  • Property renovations in a FEMA special flood hazard area
  • Market Rent analysis
  • Verification of Building measurements
  • Other legal proceedings